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James Rich’s TaeKwonDo
, located at 8805 Kingston Pike, next to Rothchild’s Conference Center is Knoxville, Tennessee’s most respected martial arts program and is also one of its longest running.

Since 1988, we have been dedicated to helping our students and their families achieve their potential and experience the many benefits that TaeKwonDo martial arts classes can provide.

Martial Arts Classes Provide Benefits like:

Increased Focus
Growth of Character
Self Esteem
And of course, Self-Defense

We understand that many students can be a little apprehensive about beginning an activity like martial arts classes so our main goal, as you begin, is to help you feel comfortable and welcomed in your new surroundings. Instructors that focus on helping you succeed recognize that every student has unique talents and needs so our instructional style is geared to motivate and encourage students to do and be their best.

We appreciate the opportunity to show your family what our program can mean for you and/or your children and we welcome you on the journey that will leave you wondering… “Why did I wait so long?”

Let’s Begin.